A Family Tribute

By Sara Nadeau

Many people have been asking why we named our facility Carriage Hill Assisted Living. Carriage Hill is not necessarily a unique name but we chose it for a very specific reason. My grandfather built and restored carriages in his retirement. This was his passion, as mine is operating an assisted living facility. He became renowned for his craftsmanship, particularly as a wheelwright. My goal is to ensure that Carriage Hill Assisted Living becomes renowned for the quality of care provided to our residents and for living up to our motto “Caring For You or Your Loved One As Part of Our Family”.

Our family is fortunate to have several wagons, carriages and sleighs, some restored or built by my grandfather, and some awaiting restoration by my father in his retirement. These carriages will be proudly displayed on the property on a rotational basis in the carriage display that will be located at the entrance to the facility. Our logo is based on a “Doctor’s Buggy” which is my personal favorite. As a tribute to my grandfather, we chose the name Carriage Hill. We look forward to sharing our carriages, sleighs and wagons with our residents and the community.

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