Carriage Hill Offers New Services

By Sara Nadeau

We are pleased to announce three new services and affiliations for our Carriage Hill residents! On site phlebotomy services will be provided no later than April through a partnership with the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Lab. Shellley Drake, a licensed Social Worker, is now providing on site counseling and social services. And finally, we have partnered with The Sonatina Center to incorporate art and music therapy into our Activities Program, as well to provide one-on-one therapy to residents. We look forward to fostering these new partnerships and providing these exceptional services to our residents!

On site phlebotomy services will be a significant benefit to our residents. It will eliminate the need for transport by the Residence or family members and the associated cost of transportation and time away from the Residence and/or work. In addition, it will minimize the time residents need to fast for fasting blood work by performing the draw earlier in the morning. This service is being offered to residents at no charge.

Shelley Drake is able to provide counseling and social services to help residents adjust to assisted living or other concerns related to a significant move, declining health or other life issues. Again, providing these services on site eliminates transportation, and the associated costs of transport, and allows residents to receive services in their comfortable, home environment. These services are billed through the resident’s medical insurance.

The Sonatina Center provides art and music therapy in individual as well as group settings. Art and music therapy will be provided in the group session format as part of our monthly activities, at no cost to residents, but also will be recommended on an individual basis for residents that may benefit from this service. Music and art therapy can provide opportunities for social interaction with caregivers and families, non-pharmacological management of pain and discomfort, positive changes in mood and emotional states, anxiety and stress reduction, non-verbal medium of self-expression and a sense of control over life through successful experiences. For more information on The Sonatina Center, visit their website at

Carriage Hill Assisted Living is now accepting residents and would be pleased to schedule a tour. Learn more about our residence and assisted living in NH at or call (603) 343-4475. Among your choices for assisted living seacoast NH, Carriage Hill is unique in its smaller size, home–like environment and high staff to resident ratios. Find out why we are assisted living NH at its best!