How To Adjust To Assisted Living – Tips For Seniors

By Lydia Chan

Moving into assisted living is a major transition. It’s completely normal to feel stressed, uncertain, and even a little scared about this move. You may be worried about maintaining your independence, making friends, or finding your way around an unfamiliar place. While it may take some time, you will adjust! One day, your new living environment will feel like home. Here are some tips to help smooth out your transition and settle into your new living arrangement, presented by Carriage Hill Assisted Living.

Consider Alternatives to Assisted Living

Not everyone in assisted living needs the level of care offered by these facilities. Remember to consider your alternative options as well!

● Take the time to understand how independent living differs from assisted living.
● Accessibility modifications and in-home care can help make aging-in-place possible.
● Selling your old home can help pay for senior living expenses.

Downsize One Step at a Time

For most seniors, moving into assisted living means downsizing from a home into a much smaller apartment.

● Start decluttering your belongings as early as possible.
● Say goodbye to all of those items you never use.
● Make sure your furniture will fit in your new space.

Keep Yourself Active

Staying active, both mentally and physically, is the key to maintaining your health and happiness after moving into assisted living.

● If your days are getting boring, pick up a new hobby!
● Take online courses to keep your brain sharp.
● Make friends with your new neighbors so you can stay social.
● Engage in regular exercise to keep your body fit and healthy.

Change is always difficult. After all, humans thrive on routine and consistency. But we are also surprisingly adaptable! With some good planning and the right mindset, you will survive this tough transition and thrive in assisted living.

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