Part IV: Why It’s Assisted Living NH at its Best!

By Sara Nadeau

Continuing our series on why we claim Carriage Hill Assisted Living is assisted living NH at its best, our next attribute is our planned community involvement. It is our belief that residents benefit greatly from continued involvement in their community – and have lots to share with their community. Our residents will attend community events (church, Town functions, speaking engagements, fundraisers, etc.) and our facility will host events for residents, family members and friends, and the community.

Amongst assisted living facilities NH, Carriage Hill is fortunate to be located in the seacoast area, which hosts an abundance of community events, and is in close proximity to the University of New Hampshire, which provides opportunities for engagement with students, an abundance of guest lecturers and speaking engagements, sporting events and other educational, cultural and artistic activities. It’s not just about senior communities NH, it’s about maintaining our resident’s connection to the local community and remaining engaged.

When looking for senior housing in New Hampshire you will not find an assisted living facility more dedicated to assisting residents to remain connected and engaged in the local community than Carriage Hill Assisted Living. Learn more about our residence and senior housing in NH at or call (603) 343-4475.