Carriage Hill Assisted Living NH Facility Says “Smaller is Better” When It Comes to Assisted Living Portsmouth NH

Madbury NH, April 6—Carriage Hill Assisted Living NH ( is changing the face of assisted living Portsmouth NH.

“Moving into an assisted living NH  facility is a major life event for anyone” said Sara Nadeau, Carriage Hill’s President and Administrator.  “It’s important that families know that their loved ones are well cared for and happy,” she explained.

According to Nadeau, there will be a growing trend toward smaller facilities that have a higher ratio of staff to residents. This, in turn, allows for a higher level of comprehensive and individualized care.

Carriage Hill assisted Living NH is leading the way when it comes to this growing trend, especially when it comes to assisted living Portsmouth NH. “There’s more to it than having a higher ratio of care givers, Nadeau said. “By keeping the facility small (Carriage Hill has room for 24 residents), our residents and staff will get to know each other and become friends. There will be less turnover than the larger facilities.”  A smaller, more consistent staff is more likely to notice physical, emotional and psychological changes, according to Nadeau.