Carriage Hill Posts Guide to Assist Parents to Accept Assisted Living

By Sara Nadeau

Carriage Hill Assisted Living has published a resource guide entitled “Getting Your Parent To Acceptance” that is now available on its website. Many children of our residents or potential residents have approached our staff for tips on how to facilitate getting their parent to accept that it’s time to move into an assisted living residence for their health and safety. Getting a parent to acceptance has been identified as one of the most significant barriers to residency. While each situation is different and there is no “magic” solution, we hope this guide provides some useful tips!

As an overview, we recommend: 1) starting the conversation early, before an emergency, 2) using affirming terms when discussing assisted living residences, 3) enlisting friends and third parties to reinforce your message, 4) emphasizing the services that are provided, 5) focusing on the peace of mind and enjoyment that you as the child/children will gain if your parent is safe and secure, 6) exploring the finances of residency and 7) being patient. The full guide is available on our website at

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