Part II: Why It’s Assisted Living NH at its Best!

By Sara Nadeau

As stated on our last post, our website states Carriage Hill Assisted Living is assisted living NH at its best and for the next few weeks, our posts will focus on the attributes that lead us to make this claim. The first attribute was our commitment to traditional, individualized nursing care. The second attribute is our small size. Carriage Hill Assisted Living will be home to just 24 residents. This is important for several reasons but the top two for us are a home-like setting and extensive familiarity between the residents and staff.

Above all, Carriage Hill Assisted Living is a home. We strategically designed our facility with bedrooms versus suites with ample common rooms and a small size to replicate a home environment. Our non-institutional furnishings and décor will further support Carriage Hill being a safe, comfortable and enjoyable home setting. Current clinical research supports the model of bedrooms and common areas to encourage social interaction between residents given depression, often linked to limited social engagement, is a common issue for seniors. Further, family and friends are as welcome to visit Carriage Hill, including for meals, as they would have been in residents’ prior homes to support our goal of ensuring that Carriage Hill is each resident’s home.

Extensive familiarity between the staff and residents is another strategic benefit of our small size for two reasons. First, it contributes to the home-like setting since residents will know the staff caring for them on a daily basis. Secondly, the consistency of staff caring for the residents on a daily basis ensures the clinical staff are able to more effectively and efficiently identify even subtle changes in residents medically, emotionally and psychologically. This allows timely intervention to address these changes and ensure optimal health and well-being.

Whether you are looking for assisted living seacoast NH, specifically assisted living Portsmouth NH or a facility in NH in general, you will not find a small facility more dedicated to providing a home-like setting and outstanding care than Carriage Hill Assisted Living. Learn more about our residence at or call (603) 343-4475.