Part III: Why It’s Assisted Living NH at its Best

By Sara Nadeau

Continuing our series on why we claim Carriage Hill Assisted Living is assisted living NH at its best, our next attribute is our transparent, all-inclusive pricing. When selecting an assisted living facility, assessing the features, services and amenities that are provided is critical in ensuring a residence will meets your needs and expectations, but cost is a factor. Our belief is that the costs should be transparent and all- inclusive so that residents and their family members can make an informed choice and plan effectively.

To that end, we have posted our pricing, and the services and amenities included in that fee, directly on our website and in all of our marketing materials. We are unique in openly publishing this information. We want prospective residents and their family members to have all of the information they need to make a decision readily available and easily accessible, whether it is about our staffing or our pricing. We recognize how difficult a decision it can be to decide to move into an assisted living facility or to make that decision for a loved one – having the information to make an informed decision should not be one of the reasons this decision is challenging.

Furthermore, we believe that pricing should be all-inclusive. We do not believe in hidden costs or add-on fees for services such as having meals delivered to resident rooms. We are service-oriented and believe such services are part of our responsibility in appropriately caring for residents. Moreover, we recognize that additional fees make financial planning a challenge. Our residents will know exactly what their monthly fee will be so they can budget and plan accordingly with confidence.

Whether you are looking specifically for assisted living Portsmouth NH, a facility in the seacoast NH area or in NH in general, you will not find a facility more dedicated to transparency than Carriage Hill Assisted Living. Learn more about our residence at or call (603) 343-4475.