Utilizing Local Vendors and Service Suppliers

By Sara Nadeau

We are actively in the construction phase of our project. In order to complete this project, we have been proud to partner with multiple local service providers and suppliers. In a recent post, we noted that our facility is utilizing a very “green” construction method, as being an environmentally-conscious local business is very important to us. Similarly, we are proud to be supporting the seacoast and southern NH economy through our use of local vendors and service providers, as well as ensuring we are using and purchasing products made or assembled in the United States.

While our main focus and priority is resident care, we believe we also have a responsibility as a business to consider our impact on the local environment and economy. We believe our philosophy of “going local”, “going green” and supporting local community events must be in concert with our overriding philosophy of “taking care of you or your loved one as part of our family”, as that includes being good stewards of the local communities in which we and our residents’ families live.

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